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Preventive screenings and tests save lives. Unfortunately, many do not routinely follow some basic health screening recommendations.

Routine screenings can identify a previously undiagnosed condition or risk of condition. This allows physicians to intervene early with treatments and therapies to control the condition or inform the individual of lifestyle changes that can be taken to improve health outcomes and costs.

For example, screening for high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol is an important first step in identifying individuals who are at risk for chronic diseases but may be undiagnosed.  Screening and appropriate follow-up for high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol can also save the lives of those at risk for heart disease. 

Early detection and treatment for diabetes can improve health, and the CDC recommends health professionals screen high-risk patients periodically, even when those individuals are visiting their doctor for another reason. Such opportunistic screenings can alert a health professional to troubling results requiring follow-up care.

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